SINCE 1941

The beginning started as a small hot dot cart

Carl's Junior® was born in Anaheim, California from Carl Karcher with only a hot dog cart and dream. That hot dog cart became Carl's Junior® and over the last 75 years has become one of the premier burger brands in the world.


From California to the rest of the world

Carl's Junior® now has 2,890 stores in the United States and approximately 700 stores in 37 countries around the world. Starting with Mexico, the largest market, Ecuador, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Denmark, Vietnam, Guatemala, India, American Samoa, Bahamas, Colombia, Dominican Republic. Honduras, Puerto Rico, Australia...and Japan.



Juicy patties are 100% safe Australian beef

Australia, the world's largest beef exporter, is under the most stringent control system in the world, from farm to consumer, through active efforts in beef product safety, quality control and traceability, thus producing high quality beef. Carl's Junior® values premium quality ingredients and makes a special commitment to select the best tasting ingredients every time.


Fire grilled patties

A juicy Carl's Junior® patty where you can feel and taste the deliciousness of the meat. Carefully grilled directly in fire to maximize the flavors of the beef patty. Patties are sandwiched between carefully selected buns and fresh vegetables to creates a Carl's Junior® burger that is loved around the world.